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Gave it a go...

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Simple, fun and suspenseful. Well done! Looking forward to part 2 (if you plan on making it)!

Forged By Games playthrough of Man's Fate

Click the image above to watch my playthrough of Man's Fate on YouTube!

Hi. Thanks for the video. In the future, it will be more than get out of the well.

You're welcome and thanks for the reply. Sounds good. I'll be back for the second part for sure then. :)


loved the game! wondering do you have any plans to add things for the future or ?

Hi. I am very grateful for your work. I am very pleased to see the video. Development is under way, now bugs are being fixed and new content is being introduced.This is not the final version.

NICE! just Wondering what new content are you adding!


Fun and simple of the survival genre. I'll let the gameplay speak for itself. Thanks for making!!! 


Thanks for playing.